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Russell Quirk Property Expert for Broadcast Media & Press and PR Man

A regular expert for media on all things property

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A property expert prolifically quoted by the UK’s biggest publications and media outlets

For many years I have been prolifically quoted as a leading property expert on the property market, housing and the estate agency industry by the UK’s most popular publications and media outlets. I use ipDTL to ensure a clear and reliable interaction. 

Property Expert
Property Guru
Russell Quirk
Russell Quirk
Property PR
Property Expert
Russell Quirk Property Expert
Public Relations
Proerty Expert in Essex

Russell Quirk Property Expert is always quick with his analysis on topical news stories and…

…Often, an opinionated voice

Russell’s commentary is straightforward, to the point and is insightful as to the pros and cons of political announcements, housing policy and the ebb and flow of property values across the country and the things that affect them…

…Usually with a good helping of humour too.

House prices, buy-to-let, first time buyers, rent capping, annual property transaction data, Help-to-Buy, the ongoing housing crisis caused by a continuing shortage of new homes built, the revolving door of housing ministers, the green belt, property industry transformation and innovation…

…these are all sector subjects that I talk about on air and in newspapers weekly, totalling over 5000 mentions across multiple outlets.

In the News Russell Quirk Property Expert

TalkRADIO Plank of the Week

TalkRADIO Plank of the Week

I am honoured to have been the first panellist invited to launch TalkRadio's 'Plank of the Week' YouTube show hosted and created by Mike Graham. Since that milestone in visual entertainment history I've even been asked back - three times. And this is the latest...

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My Life Story

My Life Story

My life story will be of little interest to anyone save for my immediate family and my stalker. However I was asked to document my 'journey' in property and PR anyway, by a former colleague of mine, Johnny Palmer. Johnny is now an entrepreneur in his own right. From...

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25 Years Of Experience In Property

And Public Relations

I am Russell Quirk the Property Expert.  I have spent 10 years running traditional estate agencies, another 10 as the founder and CEO of one of the UK’s biggest and best known online estate agencies and I was an elected councillor and Planning Committee Chairman for a number of years. Sharing knowledge with leading politicians and government departments on housing policy I regularly consult for banks, private equity and venture capital.

I am the resident expert at

With a deep knowledge of the property industry across all of its sub-sectors, I can opinionate and inform on topics ranging from the latest house price stats from various indexes through to why the UK has a housing crisis and what should be done about it. Is Help to Buy a good thing or a bad thing? Why isn’t there a more robust and joined up approach to social housing? Have online estate agents run out of steam? Is ‘Robo’ mortgage advice the future? And why has the north-south divide in property values reversed of late, certainly in growth terms? Etc etc

I’m adept at understanding the politics of housing and of government policy and, indeed, the implications of what governments is fail to do.

No housing question is too big or indeed too small. Try me.

Properganda Pr
Russell Quirk Executive Consultant

The only PR agency run by property people for property people

Having co-founded Properpr (formerly know as Propergandapr) in 2018 with James Lockett, we work closely with property clients to gain their huge volumes of media coverage, helping them to raise awareness and to demonstrate their trust and credibility.

But our property PR is not just about above-the-line awareness – our focus on SEO improvement through volume digital mentions and links, is very effective indeed in a world that otherwise relies upon throwing bundles of cash at Google Adwords. You don’t need to do that…

Russell’s unique and deep experience within the property industry can also be yours.

From running traditional and online estate agencies at scale; to growth marketing; PR; PropTech; product; strategy, media preparation; fundraising investment; crowdfunding; change management; company transformation and public sector policy advice… He has a wealth of knowledge and is a challenging and critical yet creative and pragmatic thinker.

Russell is available for consultancy projects on a day-rate basis and can also be engaged as a one off or regular speaker for corporate events.

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